"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 2


Phytochemical Screening and Analgesic activity of “Kantkari”


Author(s): Atul Kumar Gangwar*, Ashoke K.Ghosh, Vikas Saxena
Rakshpal Bahadur College of Pharmacy, Bareilly, (U.P.) - 243001, India.

Abstract: Solanum xanthocarpum schrad. & wendl., commonly known as Kantkari ,belonging to Family Solanaceae, contains steroidal glycoalkaloid solasodine, β-solamagrine and solasonine. The indigenous uses of plants also indicate anti-inflammatory, Antispermatogenic, Antidiabetic, Antiasthmatic, Molluscidal activity, useful in infantile atopical dermatitis, Cytoprotective, anticancer, insecticidal, diuretic activities of plant. The present studies showed that Petroleum Ether Extract (PEE) and Alcoholic Extract (AE) were investigated by TLC, HPTLC, IR and NMR.

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