"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 2


Quality Control Studies of Mesua ferrea Linn. Flowers


Author(s): Sahu Alakh N*, Hemalatha S and Sairam K
Department of Pharmaceutics, IIT (BHU) Varanasi – 221005, India

Abstract: Mesua ferrea Linn. belonging to the family Clusiaceae (alternatively Guttiferea). The         flowers were fragrant, cream coloured, ebracteate, pedicellate, pedicel short, axillary, solitary or in pairs (cluster) and 2.5-7.5 cm in diameter, bisexual and buds were sub-globose. The transverse section showed numerous multicellular and multiseriate type trichomes on the upper layer of the epidermis. Foreign organic matter (0.47% w/w), total ash (6.30% w/w), acid insoluble ash (2.30 % w/w), water soluble ash (2.31 % w/w), alcohol soluble extractive (20.53 % w/w), water soluble extractive (10.26  % w/w), loss on drying (9.88 %), foaming index (333.3), swelling index (0.53 ml) and volatile oil (0.20 % v/w) of the crude drug were  been obtained. A fingerprint of fluorescence was obtained. Chlorinated pesticide in first and second elute from column were 0.030 and 0.013 respectively and phosphated pesticides in first elute was 0.028 mg/kg of crude drug. Preliminary phytochemical screening showed the presence of many phytochemicals.

Longitudinal section of Mesua ferrea crude drug through petals

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