"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 3


In-vivo screening of Antinociception Activity in Methanolic Extract of Corbichonia decumbens (Forsk.)


Author(s): Uma.G Balasubramaniam1. V and Jagathes Kumar. S1 ghjgfhjkfgldkhk1. PG and Research Department of Botany Kongunadu Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Coimbatore-29, Tamil Nadu, India.

Abstract: The term analgesic derived from the Greek word algesia- means pain, is an ill-defined unpleasant sensation, usually evoked by an external or internal noxious stimulus. The aim of the present study is to investigate the analgesic activity of leaf and root parts of the plant Corbichonia decumbens forsk. (molluginaceae) on albino mice by Eddy’s hot plate, Tail flick method respectively. The analgesic activity was found out by eddy’s hot plate and Tail flick method by using standard pentazocine. The analgesic activity in the C.decumbens treated animals was found to be significantly higher in all the models compared to vehicle control animals. Pentazocine (30 mg/kg) produced a significant analgesic activity when compared with the control group. The analgesic activity of C.decumbens was however, less than that of pentazocine.Our results suggest that C.decumbens possesses significant analgesic property.

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