"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 3


A preliminary survey on the medicinal uses and effectiveness of Pereskia bleo used by people of three villages in the State of Kelantan, Malaysia


Author(s): Khor Poh Yen*, Mohd Syafiq Bin Abdullah, Suryati Syafri, Shaarmini Kula Raju, Che Amal Hayati Che Yahya
Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Royal College of Medicine Perak, University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Abstract: This study is aimed at exploring the medicinal uses and perceived effectiveness of Pereskia bleo in treating certain diseases among the users from three selected villages in the State of Kelantan in Malaysia. This study employed qualitative, structured interview research design. The survey was carried out in three villages in the State of Kelantan in Malaysia. The names of the villages are as follows: Kampung Banggol Setol, Kampung Bunut Susu and Kampung Cherang. Nine informants, who were actually using Pereskia bleo for treating certain diseases, were recruited by the snowball sampling techniques. Thematic Content Analysis method was used for the analysis of data collected from the informants’ interview responses. The use of Pereskia bleo to treat diseases by users was based on the recommendation of their relatives and friends. Without consuming any medications from the hospitals, the users reported that the use of leaves, tips and flower of Pereskia bleo was alone effective against cancer, hypertension, boils, diabetes mellitus and also as a health supplement. No conclusive medical studies had been reported on the potential effects of Pereskia bleo on hypertension, diabetes mellitus and boils as reported and claimed by the informants. Thus it may be necessary to do further research to evaluate the use of  Pereskia bleo in terms of its safety, efficacy and quality.

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