"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 3


Use of Indigenous Plants in Traditional Health Care Systems by Mishing Tribe of Dikhowmukh, Sivasagar District, Assam


Author(s):Ratna Jyoti Das, Kalyani Pathak

Abstract: The tribal peoples are custodian of unique traditional knowledge systems and their ambient flora and fauna. The Mishing community of Assam also has some traditional health care practices. Assam is very rich in plant biodiversity as well as in ethnic diversity and has great traditional knowledge based on plant resources. A survey on folk medicinal plants and folk healers of Mishing tribe was conducted in Dikhowmukh village of Sivasagar district, Assam. Informations were collected based on interview and field studies with local healers within the community. Identification of medicinal plants was done by the indigenous healers. Study was mainly with plants used to cure diseases and to enquire about different healing systems. We were able to explore 12 indigenous plants of their tribe. From the study it was concluded that Mishing tribe is very rich in indigenous health care practices and their healing techniques are not been scientifically validated till now.

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