"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 3


Nidranasha (Insomnia) Causes,   Consequences & Management an Ayurvedic Perspective


Author(s): Nirgude Rajendra 1, Binorkar Sandeep1, Parlikar Gajanan2
1. Associate Professor, Dept. of Samhita Siddhant, Manjara Ayurved College, Latur (Maharashtra) INDIA,
2. Ayurved Extension Officer, Z.P. Sangli, INDIA

Abstract: Nidranasha is a term of Ayurveda used for loss of Sleep. Ayurveda mentioned three important facts to keep a person in healthy status as Aahara (diet), Nidra (Sleep) & Bramhacharya (Celibacy). Out of which Nidra (Sleep) is a state which refills our power of activity which we lose in daily routine. Due to loss of sleep person suffers too many problems related with health. Ayurveda explained may reasons for loss of sleep as like work, age, diseased conditions, constitution and some Dosha like Vata & Pitta. These factors directly affect on the sleep and causes loss of sleep (Nidranasha). According to modern scientific view, loss of sleep has many reasons as like illness, stress, elder age, pain, mental illness etc. Ayurveda prescribes several herbs in single or compound form to overcome the situation. Article provides through review of causes, consequences and management of insomnia with the perspective of Ayurveda.

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