"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 5


Ethnobotanical Study of Phologacanthus thyrsiformis Nees: A Conserved Medicinal Plant of Manipur, Northeast India


Author(s): Deshworjit Singh Ningombam* & Potsangbam Kumar Singh

Abstract: Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis Nees, locally known as Nongmangkha is a quite popular as ethno-botanical important plant for the meetei community in Manipur. Information presented in this paper was gathered from 68 informants using semi structure questionnaires on the utilization, taboos, folk medicine and conservation of the species. The plant forms an integral part of rites & rituals, myths, food items, taboos, medicinal, customs and traditions with the meetei community. Folk medicinal uses are cold, cough, influenza, easy deliver of child birth, abortion, irregular menstruation, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, high blood pressure control, boils, small pox, skin problems, sprains, body ache, constipation and burns. The plant is found to be grown in every house who owns a kitchen garden. There is a superstitious belief, which is still in practiced by local people till today is not to pluck any part of the plant on Sunday.


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