"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 5


Critical Analysis of Prameha Upadravas (Diabetes Complications): An Overview


Author(s): Deva Sachin, Deva Divya S, Chaturvedi Ashutosh

Abstract: Prameha (Diabetes Mellitus) is a Kapha pradhana Tridoshaja Vyadhi (Disease) in which Meda is a Pradhana (Prime) Dushya. According to the Avastha Bheda, Dasha Dushyas involvement can be observed. It is characterized by “Prabhootaavilamootrata”. Prameha is a Chirakaaleena (chronic) Vyadhi, which is Anushangi (adjunct) in nature and one among the 8 Mahaagadhas as described by Sushruthacharya. Upadrava (complication) is an episode of a morbid event which develops by the factors which are responsible for the manifestation of main disease. It may be Sthoola or Anu in nature.  It subsides by treating the main disease. Prameha Upadravas can be broadly classified into Samanya & Vishishta, Sthoola (major) & Anu (minor) and Sthanika (local) & Sarvadaihika (general). Kaphaja, Pittaja and Vataja Prameha lakshanas are related to different clinical stages and complications of Diabetes Mellitus. Vivid description of signs and symptoms of Prameha and its Upadrava has been given by all the classical texts. Most of them explained Upadravas in brief compared to the exhaustive descriptions of Nidana panchaka.


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