"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 6


Iksir-e-Badan (Elixir): Unique Influence from Unani Medicine – A Review


Author(s): Md. Anzar Alam, Zaheer Ahmed, Abdul Haseeb Ansari, Shamim Ahmed, Danish Mand, Md Tanwir Alam

Abstract: The concept of Iksir-e-Badan (Elixir) in Unani System of Medicine dates back to time immemorial and the connotation itself derived from an Arabic word “Al-Iksir”. Some selected advia (single & compound drugs, either plant, animal or mineral origin) are described under its caption. Iksir-e-Badan (Aab-e-Hyat/Maddat-ul-Hayat/Rasayana/Elixir) is defined as “One who obtains perpetuity, regains youth, get sharp memory and liberty from disease”. Unani Medicine advocate its use for two purposes i.e. one is to maintain the Sehhat (Health) and other for Izala-e-Marz (Cure the disease). The traditional Indian systems, particularly Unani System of Medicine advocates diverse modalities pertaining to prevention and cure of ailment and emphasize on diet, lifestyle modification and intake of drugs as corner stone of treatment. Medicinal plant products are known to influence different aspects of Umoor-e-Tabiy'a (Principles of Human physiology) and wield an alleviating impact on numerous pathophysiological conditions. It is only in recent years that the scientific notion of immunomodulation has been put forth with some of the beneficial effects of Indian medicinal plants. Some of the Unani drugs which act as Iksir-e-Badan are: Gilo (Tinospora cordifolia), Momiyai (Salajeet), Asgandh (Withania somnifera), Satavar (Aspragus racaemosus), Jadwar (Deliphinium denudatum), Waj (Acorus calamus), Tahlab (Spirulina platensis) and some formulations; Itriphalat, Mufarrehat, Khamirajat, Kushtajat etc. Unani scholars also advocated the use of these drugs during Waba (Epidemics) as prophylactics. A meticulous attempt has been made to enunciate the concept of Iksir-e-Badan in relation to some contemporary systems and highlight some drugs possessing elixir rich properties in Unani medicine.


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