"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 6


Effect of Unani Formulation on Urine Composition in the Patients of Warm-e-Majra-e-Baul– An Observational Study


Author(s):Mohd Zubair, Mohd Nayab, Shakir Jameel, Ashar Qadeer

Abstract: Warm-e-Majra-e-Baul (UTI) is an infection that starts in the urinary system. Unani system of medicine lacks the exact description of urinary tract infection as such but various descriptions are found under the caption of Warm-e-Majra-e-Baul including Warm-e-Gurda, Warm-e-Masana, Hurqat-e-Baul, and Warm-e-Ahleel etc which may be considered as synonymous with clinical findings of urinary tract infections, described in contemporary literature. In the present study, thirty clinically diagnosed patients above the age of 10 years were enrolled for one month from the OPD/IPD of Majeedia Hospital, New Delhi. The combination of four single drugs namely Sat Behroza, Ral Safaid, Shora Qalmi and Kaphoor were used in a ratio of 2:2:2:1, respectively, in the form of fine powder. The seven gram mixture of these drugs was given in two divided doses per day for one month. There was significant improvement in objective parameters (p<0.05) except transparency of urine. On the basis of results obtained of the effects of Unani formulation on various objective parameters, it is concluded that tested Unani formulation has significant effect in cases of Warm-e-Majra-e-Baul. Further large scaled standard controlled clinical trials on tested formulation are needed to be conducted for advanced characterization of the drugs used in tested formulation.

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