"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 6


Indigenous knowledge of using medicinal plants in treating skin disease by tribal’s of Kupwara, J&K, India.


Author(s): Mudasir Yousuf Mir

Abstract: The present study mainly focuses on the study of plants used to cure skin diseases by tribal’s of Kupwara. There is common occurrence of skin diseases among the people so efforts are made to discover the traditional therapeutic plants by community for the management of various skin disorders and ailments. The present survey was carried out during 2012-2013, In this survey we have found that 36 plant species belonging to 25 families are used to cure various skin diseases like cuts, wounds, boils, blisters, itching, leucoderma, swelling, scabies, rash, inflammation etc. Different parts of plants such as leaf, fruit, and roots, are taken in different forms. Traditional folk medicines hold the heritage of community acceptance because these are derived from indigenous knowledge and skills also involve theories, beliefs and experiences .Results show the important role of medicinal plants in curing different kinds of skin ailments.

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Fig: Showing habit of different plant Species in the study area.

Fig: Showing habit of different plant Species in the study area.



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