"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 1, Issue 6


An ethno botanical survey of medicinal plants in Sillalai, Jaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka


Author(s): Gupta Abhishek, Joshi Apurva, Joshi VK

Abstract: An ethno botanical survey was undertaken to record information on medicinal plants from traditional medical practitioners (TMP's) in Sillalai, Jaffna and to identify the medicinal plants used for treating diseases. TMP's who were the main informants were interviewed using semi-structured questionnaires and open-ended conversations. Field trips were made to the sites where TMP's harvest plants. The survey identified and recorded 300 plants species from 27 plant families, used for treating diseases in Sillalai, Jaffna. The Legominacaea was the most represented plant family while medicinal plants used. The leaf was the most commonly used plant part while concoction and decoction were the most common method of traditional drug preparation. Most medicinal plants (52.7%) are harvested from the wild and commonly available, 27.3% of medicinal plants were cultivated selected areas, 20% rarely present and 0.3% identified first time in Sri Lanka. Knowledge of the use of plants as medicines remains mostly with the older generation with few youth showing an interest. First identified plant was confirmed by a taxonomist. A huge number of plants species are used for treating different diseases in Sillalai, Jaffna. The conventional ethno medicinal plants were mostly used for fever, dysentery, skin diseases, poison bites, wounds, piles, Diabetes Mellitus and rheumatism.


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