"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 2, Issue 1


Disease Diagnosis and treatment methods of herbalist in Gautala Autram – Ghat area of Marathwada, State Maharashtra


Author(s): Deshmukh R.R., Pardeshi V.N.

Abstract: Present paper explores some of the concepts of disease diagnosis and method of treatment in Tribal healers of Gautala-Autram Ghat area of Marathwada. Tribal herbalist have their unique concepts about disease diagnosis and treatment different from Ayurveda based on simple logic and experience. The mode of treatment is simple with minimum restrains as compared to Ayurveda. The treatment change with age and sex. The mode of administration, preparation of drug and formulations are similar to Ayurvedic treatment but different mixtures were used by different herbalist for same disease. The duration of treatment is short; depend on disease to be treated and response of patient to drugs. In conclusion the tribal concepts indicate their origin in Ayurveda but many have indigenous roots; based on personal experience and oral tradition.

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