"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 2, Issue 1


Ethnobotanical notes on wild edible plants used by Malayali tribals of Yercaud Hills, Eastern Ghats, Salem District, Tamil Nadu.


Author(s): R. Rekka and S. Senthil Kumar

Abstract: An ethnobotanical survey was carried out among the Malayali tribals in Yercaud hills in Eastern Ghats. The purpose of the study was to document the traditional wild edible plants used by Malayali tribals. Tribals mostly eat vegetables of leafy varieties, which grow in wild and depend on such natural products in addition to their food. The study identifies 42 wild edible plant species under 36 genera and 29 families. Leafy vegetables: varieties of leaves are collected in different seasons, cooked and eaten along with boiled rice. 9 species of leafy vegetables consumed by these tribal groups have been identified. Fruits: There are a large number of wild edible fruits plants. Some are eaten raw either ripe or unripe while others are consumed after cooking as curries. 27 edible fruits are identified. Tubers: Tubers of certain species are eaten curries. These wild edible plants are free from artificial chemicals and enriched with high nutrition.

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