"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 2, Issue 2


Survey and Phytochemical Analyses of Plants Use for the Treatment of Childhood Diseases in Ojo Lga, Lagos State.


Author(s): O.O. Adeogun, A.A. Adekunle, A.M. Ebabhi

Abstract: The local use and phytochemical analyses of plants used for the treatments of some children's diseases were conducted in Ojo local government in Lagos state, the area is predominantly of Awori stock. The information was gathered via unstructured questionnaires; the information gathered was used to prepare decoctions with liquid remains of processed grind maize (Omi Idun) for the treatment of diseases in children. The decoctions were later screened and determined for phytochemical constituents. The survey of the plants indicated forty four species of plants belonging to twenty eight families used for the treatment of impetigo, convulsion, shortage of blood, typhoid fever and haemorrhoids in children. The prepared decoctions showed the presence of phenol having the highest quantity among the constituents for the treatment of impetigo, flavonoid in blood supplement, tannin in typhoid, cardiac glycosides in measles and alkaloid in haemorrhoid. Roots, barks and leaves were the parts used for the preparation of different decoctions based on this study. The information gathered from the survey depicts the largely dependence of the indigent's parents on medicinal plants to meet the need of the primary health care of their children and the phytoconstituents quantified might be responsible for the activity of the decoctions against the causal organisms of the diseases mentioned.

Fig 1: Map showing the study area.

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