"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 2, Issue 2


Studies on the effectiveness and safety of anti hangover drink (Oh!K) in reducing cocktail (alcohol) induced hangover symptoms in adult male social drinkers


Author(s): Sreeraj Gopi, Robin George, Roshin U Thankachen, V. T .Sriraam, Shakthi Abirami

Abstract: The ‘hangover’ by using alcohol is associated with variety of physiological symptoms like headache, fatigue, nausea etc. The cause of alcohol hangover is due to the production of toxic chemicals and free radicals during the course of alcohol metabolism. The loss of water and minerals from the body also contributes its part. The hangover symptoms were observed large extend when the drinks were consumed as cocktails. A natural spice blend was developed, branded as Oh!K and evaluated clinically for its efficacy. Alcohol induced hangover symptoms such as tremor, headache nausea were observed and experienced by the subjects on the day following the consumption of alcohol as cocktail. This was shown to be significantly reduced in the volunteers who had consumed Oh!K Anti Hangover drink ( 50 ml) after consuming alcohol-cocktail. The hangover symptom of tremor was significantly reduced only in the subjects who has consumed 50ml – high dose of Oh!k Anti Hangover Drink.                                                    

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