"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 2, Issue 2


Analysis of Leucorrhoea manifestations an observational case study


Author(s): Tabassum.K, Sayeeda Begum, Nishat Rais, Zulkifle

Abstract: Leucorrhoea is an abnormal excessive vaginal discharge often associated with irritation. It is a symptom of underlying pelvic pathology. Sometimes this symptom is so severe that it over shadows actual disease and women seek the treatment for only this symptom. This paper focus on whether the symptoms associated with leucorrhoea are due to underlying pelvic pathology or not. The aim of the study is to observe the association of symptoms of leucorrhoea with underlying pelvic pathology. This Study was conducted at Dept. of OBG, NIUM, Bangalore during the year of 2014. The study consisted of 150 women of age group of15-55 years with complaint of white discharge. The detailed history regarding compliant and its association with other symptoms was recorded and analyzed statistically. It was concluded that Leucorrhoea is common symptoms of pelvic pathology and the associated symptoms of leucorrhoea are not related to underlying pathology. It merely due to psychological only.

Fig: Age wise distribution of patients

Fig: Age wise distribution of patients

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