"International Journal of Herbal Medicine"

Volume 2, Issue 2


Plant used in primary health practices in Vindhya Region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India


Author(s): Anurag Singh, Priya Singh, Garima Singh and Ajai Kumar Pandey

Abstract: Plant species have long been used as principal ingredients of traditional medicine in the Vindhya region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. The present paper was made to analyze the ethnomedicinal plants used by the tribal communities, mainly Khairwar, Gond, Kol, Nutt, Manjhi and Mawasi. This paper addresses the integration of herbal medicine into a public health.  Ethnomedicinal data from local people were collected through direct interviews and a semi-structured questionnaire following the WHO recommendations based on awareness and use of herbal medicine in different seasons of the year 2010-2012. The present study has resulted in the documentation of 61 medicinal plant species used by tribal communities into different disease groups like diabetes, wound healing, jaundice, kidney disorder and tuberculosis. Plant species Aegle marmelos (L.) (100%) secure highest FL and Jaundice aliment (0.85) secure highest ICF value.  Ethnobotanical study of  the Vindhya region of Uttar Pradesh in India explore the importance of  traditional medicine to human health and suggested  that clinical approaches is needed to evaluate the biochemical parameters of herbal medicine.

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