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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 1, Issue 3, Part A (2013)

Chemical evaluation and nutritive values of African walnut leaf (Plukenetia conophora Mull.arg)

Author(s): O.O.E. Onawumi, O.O. P. Faboya and P.B. Ayoola
Abstract: Sample of Plukenetia conophora leaf (African walnut) was analysed for Proximate composition, secondary metabolites, vitamins and mineral constituents. The result of proximate analysis shows that the leaf contained 29±0.71% moisture, 5.63±0.08% fat, 14.92±0.04% fibre, 16.62±0.30% protein, 12.89±0.02% Ash and 20.94±0.01% carbohydrate. The secondary metabolites screening and subsequent quantification revealed the presence of bioactive compounds such as tannin which is 0.560±0.01mg/kg, alkaloids, 2.670±0.02mg/kg, saponin, 1.080±0.01mg/kg and anthraquinones, 0.130±mg/kg. The mineral analysis revealed the presence of K which is 15937±0.02mg/kg, Na, 7980±0.01mg/kg, Ca, 18700±0.02mg/kg, Mg, 1766.25±0.1mg/kg, Fe, 4610±0.10mg/kg, Zn, 61.15±0.08mg/kg, Mn, 79.50±0.03mg/kg and Cu, 8.60±0.10mg/kg. Vitamin composition results showed that the leaf contained Thiamine (B1) 0.29±0.01µg/100g, Ascorbic acid (C) 16.28mg/100g, Riboflavin (B2) 0.34±0.01µg/g, Niacin, 0.12±0.3µg/1 00g and Cyanocobalamin (B12), 0.23±0.03µg/100g. The results proved that Plukenetia conophora leaf is a food and could be a potential source of useful drug formulation.
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O.O.E. Onawumi, O.O. P. Faboya, P.B. Ayoola. Chemical evaluation and nutritive values of African walnut leaf (Plukenetia conophora Mull.arg). Int J Herb Med 2013;1(3):122-126.

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