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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 3, Issue 5, Part A (2015)

An Insight into the Recent Entry of medicinal Plants into Ayurvedic Treasure

Author(s): B Mahadev, G Siva Ram, RS Chalapathi and V Subhose
Abstract: Ayurveda is an eternal system of medicine which mainly depends on medicinal plants. Authoritative instructions of the sages to alleviate innumerable health hazards hold good even today. Several hundreds of medicinal plants have been mentioned in the Samhita granthas (authoritative scriptures). Sangraha granthas (compiled scriptures) and Nighantus (lexicons) introduced several new medicinal plants. This hierarchy of addition of new medicinal plants into the wealth of Ayurveda is ever continuing and Ayurveda, being a broad minded medicine endorses it to a great extent. Recently several new medicinal plants have been discovered and their usefulness has been deduced. Phytoconstituents and pharmacological properties attributed to these plants have been well emphasized keeping in view their medicinal potential. Their effectiveness has been found in varied disease conditions attributing to their immense pharmacological properties. These new plants can be undoubtedly incorporated into the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia and they can be suitably utilized for the benefit of mankind. Incorporating these new plants and evolving into a better way is the basic phenomena of every science to grow by leaps and bounds. Hence here an insight has been made into the recent entry of some of the medicinal plants into Ayurvedic treasure. These plants should be sensibly used without disrupting the ecology and the ecological balance.
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B Mahadev, G Siva Ram, RS Chalapathi, V Subhose. An Insight into the Recent Entry of medicinal Plants into Ayurvedic Treasure. Int J Herb Med 2015;3(5):57-61.

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