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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 5, Issue 5, Part C (2017)

Antimicrobial activity of Salix tetrasperma Roxb. (Salicaceae)

Author(s): Prashith Kekuda TR, Vinayaka KS and Praveen Kumar SK
Abstract: Salix tetrasperma Roxb. belongs to the family Salicaceae. The plant is traditionally used and is reported to exhibit several bioactivities. The present study was carried out to investigate antimicrobial activity of leaf extract of S. tetrasperma. Extraction of shade dried and powdered leaf material was carried out by maceration process. Antibacterial activity was evaluated by agar well diffusion method against 4 Gram positive and 4 Gram negative bacteria. Antifungal activity was determined against 4 seed-borne fungi by poisoned food technique. The extract exhibited concentration dependent activity against test bacteria. Among Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, S. epidermidis and P. aeruginosa displayed highest susceptibility to extract respectively. Inhibition of test fungi by extract was concentration dependent. Among fungi, marked and least susceptibility to extract was shown by Rhizopus sp. and Cladosporium sp. respectively. In suitable form, the leaf of S. tetrasperma can be used to treat bacterial infections and to manage seed-borne fungal diseases of plants.
Pages: 192-195  |  1439 Views  73 Downloads
How to cite this article:
Prashith Kekuda TR, Vinayaka KS, Praveen Kumar SK. Antimicrobial activity of Salix tetrasperma Roxb. (Salicaceae). Int J Herb Med 2017;5(5):192-195.

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