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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 5, Issue 6, Part B (2017)

Test anxiety and its Ayurvedic approach

Author(s): Fasnath Arabi and M Jithesh
Abstract: Anxiety is very much essential and has a significant role in one’s educational, professional as well as the emotional life. Academic pressure associated with the demands of schooling creates immense stress for students of all age groups, from even the low levels of school to the collegiate level. Hence it is not surprising that the testing environment generates anxiety to a large number of individuals. An individual’s perception of the anxiety or stress determines whether the result is positive or even detrimental. Test anxiety defined as a reflection and expression of general anxiety in evaluative situations resulting in poor test performances Studies have revealed that test anxiety is widespread in the general population, especially among women. Estimated 2–3 students in any classroom are highly anxious and ten million elementary school students are not performing at their peak capacity, due to test anxiety. In this article, a brief review of concepts, components, prevalence and management of test anxiety and also an attempt has been made to explore the concepts of test anxiety throughout Ayurvedic parlance in terms of the condition of Chittodvega. The management of Test anxiety and Ayurvedic approach to be adopted is discussed which includes internal medicines, Medhya rasayana, Sadvritta, Achara rasayana etc.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Fasnath Arabi, M Jithesh. Test anxiety and its Ayurvedic approach. Int J Herb Med 2017;5(6):87-91.

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International Journal of Herbal Medicine