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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 7, Issue 1, Part A (2019)

Khamira: An important dosage form of unani system of medicine

Author(s): Muzayyana Khan, Shariq Shamsi and Roohi Zaman
Abstract: The present study is designed to discuss many important points of Khamira such as difference in the preparation and methodologies of Khamira with different drugs. It is prepared with different types of plant, animal and mineral origin drugs, either by making decoction in water or sometimes in the case of some specific drugs, micro fine powder is added in Khamira. It is also prepared in some different cases with Arqiyat (a clear aqueous distillate) and Abiyaat (Aab Anar, Aab Seb, and Aab Bahi). It is also aimed to extensively discuss the drug and water ratio (D/W) and drug and sugar ratio (D/S) used while preparation of Khamira as mentioned in different reference book of Unani System of Medicine (USM). The survey of literature has been done to summarize the therapeutic values and medicinal action of various Khamirajat, written in classical Unani books and pharmacopoeias. Apart from various medicinal actions in cough, cold, catarrh including respiratory and nervous disorders, this dosage form is mainly used as a cardio tonic in various ailments like palpitations, weakness of heart, post MI etc.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Muzayyana Khan, Shariq Shamsi, Roohi Zaman. Khamira: An important dosage form of unani system of medicine. Int J Herb Med 2019;7(1):46-49.

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International Journal of Herbal Medicine