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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 9, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

A critical review on ayurveda drugs useful in Tamaka Shwasa (Childhood Asthma)

Author(s): Nitu Sinha, Nisha Kumari Ojha and Puneet Srivastava
Abstract: Ayurveda (the science of life) is the ultimate theory with infallible factors based on Tridosha and Panchabhautic principles. At present time, many chronic recurrent airway disorders are gradually seen in worldwide population. Ayurveda has defined a disease Tamaka shwasa (disorder associated with respiratory tract) which is equivalent to ‘Bronchial asthma’ in allopathic medicine. Children asthma is not a different disease from bronchial asthma in adults, but children do face unique challenges. Among 200 million asthmatics worldwide, approximately 15 million are found in India. The Prevalence has increased by two fold in last two decades. While describing the management, Nidana parivarjana along with Shodhana and Shamana chikitsa as mentioned in ayurveda. Those Aushadh, Ahara, and Vihara are Kaph-vata Shamaka, ushna and vatanulomak should be used in Shwasa chikitsa. In the present perspective, the re-validation of ancient ayurveda drugs (herbs and herbo-minerals drugs) which can improve the functions of respiratory tract by Samprapti vighatana of disease and according to pharmacotherapy due to presence of specific chemical used in bronchial asthma. Shamana chikitsa is more beneficial in childhood asthma in comparison to Shodhana chikitsa because children cannot bear the stress of Shodhanachikitsa due to Alpabala. Ayurveda drugs (herbs and herbo-minerals drugs) with allopathic medicine have excellent response in management of childhood asthma.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Nitu Sinha, Nisha Kumari Ojha, Puneet Srivastava. A critical review on ayurveda drugs useful in Tamaka Shwasa (Childhood Asthma). Int J Herb Med 2021;9(1):01-08.

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International Journal of Herbal Medicine