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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 9, Issue 1, Part B (2021)

Efficacy of Netra-Tarpan with Triphala Ghrit in dry eye/computer vision syndrome

Author(s): Nutan Chougule and Mangala Morbale
Abstract: In modern era and in lockdown period people are more exposed to computer screen and pollution due to industrialization. Many peoples have to outdoor jobs like marketing, salesmanship. Information technology is also growing fast and providing job opportunities to young generation. But drawback of this job is employees have to work on computer more than 8 hours daily. In these peoples due to outdoor jobs and prolonged computer work eyes get dry due to exposure to wind, sunlight, dust and lack of blinking during computer work which hampers formation of uniform tear film. This results in dryness of cornea which leads to blurring of vision during continuous work. Long standing conditions results in itching, redness and foreign body sensation in eyes which may include headache pain in neck and blurred vision. To treat these patients, Ayurvedic special therapy “Netratarpan” is one of the best options. Hence this therapy was selected for comparative study in treating patients having Dry eye/computer vision syndrome. Total 50 patients having Dry eye/computer vision syndrome and willing to participate in study were selected for each group i.e. experimental and control group. These patients were selected from patients attending OPD of Netra Vibhag, Shalakya Tantra department, Jain AGM ayurvedic medical college. The study was carried at AGM Jain Ayurved Hospital, varur from Feb 2020 to 30th Sep 2020. Group A was treated with Netra-tarpan with Triphala Ghrit. Netra-tarpan was given for subsequent 3 days each week for three months duration. Group B was prescribed carboxymethyl cellulose (lubricating) eye drops for three months duration. Both groups were advised eye exercise, precautions to be taken during near and computer work as well as to use sun goggles for protection from pollution, dust and sunlight. Assessment of treatment was done on the basis of relief from symptoms before and after treatment. Triphala Ghrit is rich in vitamin A as well as it contains linoleic acid. Due to these contents it has anti-inflammatory property and also helpful in treating xerosis and dry eyes. After this comparative clinical study it can be concluded that dryness and other complaints in patients of Dry eye/computer vision syndrome who were treated with Netra–tarpan with Triphala Ghrit from Group A were better treated than Group B.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Nutan Chougule, Mangala Morbale. Efficacy of Netra-Tarpan with Triphala Ghrit in dry eye/computer vision syndrome. Int J Herb Med 2021;9(1):115-118.

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