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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 9, Issue 6, Part A (2021)

Scope of Rasayana in present era: A review

Author(s): Aswathy M, Muhammed Faisal P and Jithesh M
Abstract: Every system of medicine emphasizes on treating the disease but in Ayurveda, treating a disease is always secondary rather, maintaining and preserving health is the primary objective of health-care plans. May be for this reason, utmost importance has been given for maintenance and sustenance of health in Ayurveda considering physical, mental, and sexual aspects. To achieve this goal, daily regimen and seasonal regimen, code of conduct of diet and social behaviour are mentioned in Ayurveda along with implication of Rasayana. Rasayana is one among the eight speciality branches of Ayurveda and is very useful to enhance the immunity of the person to keep him away from disease. In contrast to our intense desire to be always youthful and energetic, the phenomenon of ageing surely happens and is also inevitable. Many factors especially altering food habits, emotional conflicts, stress and environmental pollution accelerates this universal phenomenon. Moreover, towards the middle age, the rate of catabolic events happening in the body increases to a higher extend. This in turn causes digestive and metabolic disturbances which interfere with production of apt quality of dhatus and thus the formation of ojas. Subsequently varna (complexion), bala (strength) and sneha which are inherent gunas of ojas gets depleted. As a consequence, individual suffers from low immunity and is vulnerable to most of the diseases. Rasayana have exceptionally significant role in disorders related to sedentary life style, work related stress, improper food habits and non-communicable diseases, in the modern era. Scientific understanding Rasayana infers its acceptance as nutraceutical, anti-oxidant and immuno-modulators. As a result of change in life habits, entire population is facing a lot of new emerging diseases. Especially in the current scenario of COVID 19 pandemic, it is the need of the hour to discuss the practical utility of Rasayana in our daily life with special reference to preventive aspects.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Aswathy M, Muhammed Faisal P, Jithesh M. Scope of Rasayana in present era: A review. Int J Herb Med 2021;9(6):73-77.

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