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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 11, Issue 1, Part A (2023)

Manas vikar in Sutika: A review article

Author(s): Snehal Babanrao Khole, Jayashree Deshmukh and Amol Havle
Abstract: The human race is Nature's finest creation in the universe. It is a miracle and a wonder of nature that the body has the right size, weight, and shape. Every woman in society has the lifelong dream of having a child. One of the hardest elements of pregnancy is a deformed live foetus. Garbha Vriddhi and Vikas Kram are precisely described in Ayurveda, despite the absence of contemporary imaging methods like sonography and MRI. Ayurvedic texts offer a variety of perspectives on Garbha Utpatti and Garbha Vriddhi. Garbhini Lakshana, which aids in the diagnosis of early pregnancy and guards against foetal anomalies, is also referenced in Ayurveda. The growth of the foetus is impeded by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, and the infant is born preterm or underweight. After giving birth, all of this causes stress and psychological disorders i.e. Manas vikaras in the mother. The present article narrates the root causes of Manas vikaras i.e. psychological disorders in sutika, post natal care to be taken during pregnancy and role of manas bhava in sutika.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Snehal Babanrao Khole, Jayashree Deshmukh, Amol Havle. Manas vikar in Sutika: A review article. Int J Herb Med 2023;11(1):58-60. DOI: 10.22271/flora.2023.v11.i1a.853

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