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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
Vol. 11, Issue 5, Part A (2023)

Phyto-pharmacological review of genus manilkara

Author(s): Medha M Hegde and K Lakshman
Manilkra is a pantropical genus in the family Sapotaceae. Many species from this genus are economically important and yield quality timber, edible fruits and useful latex. The plants from Manilkara species are extensively distributed all over tropical and semitropical areas like Africa, Australia, Asia, Madagascar and Latin America, as well as islands such as Pacific and in the Caribbean. Phytochemical studies of different species showed the presence of triterpenoids, phenolic compounds and saponins as major phytoconstituents which were correlated with various pharmacological activities. Because of high diversity in chemical constituents and their biological activities, genus Manilkara can serve as a potential medicinal resource for drug discovery. The present review includes traditional use, phytopharmacological studies carried out on few medicinal plants from genus Manilkara. As a promising source of new bioactive compounds. The present review can provide baseline for future research studies.
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International Journal of Herbal Medicine
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Medha M Hegde, K Lakshman. Phyto-pharmacological review of genus manilkara. Int J Herb Med 2023;11(5):01-13. DOI: 10.22271/flora.2023.v11.i5a.882

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International Journal of Herbal Medicine